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What is MIK?

Music Industry Key is a revolutionary short music industry course designed to give artists, songwriters, musicians and those interested in the music industry an insight into the realities of the music business in the 21st century. Tapping into industry expertise that is truly unique, the course aims to give artists, songwriters and musicians a catalyst to unlock their potential in the music industry.

What We Do

The main MIK course is a an exclusive five day course taken by Richard Rogers. The course introduces the realities of the music industry and gives you the information needed to help you make the most of your future music career. The course covers a lot of material, but is easy to digest and aims to be fun too.

Areas covered include:

  • Record companies
  • Publishing companies
  • Management
  • Producers and production
  • PR, publicity and marketing
  • The live music industry
  • Indie record labels
  • Business planning

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