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MIK 5 Day Music Industry Course

The 5 day course provides the ultimate resource for learning about the music industry from a leading music industry expert with a wealth of knowledge taken from over 30 years experience of working for majors, independents and corporations within the music business. Gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • Record companies
  • Music publishers
  • Managers and management
  • The live industry
  • Producers and production
  • PR, promotion and marketing 

and other areas of the music industry dedicated to ensuring you progress within the music industry through the unique music industry key.


MIK VIP Music Industry & Songwriting Package

This 6 day course includes 3 days learning about the music industry, 1 day co-writing a track with course leader Richard Rogers and other available professional songwriters and the 5th and 6th days recording the song with our record producer in our professional recording studio in the heart of England.

A rare and wonderful opportunity to combine learning about the music industry as well as writing and recording a song.

For an additional fee we can then press up 250 copies of your song on your choice of vinyl or CD and deliver them to your home address. A unique and quality VIP package tailor made to your requirements.


MIK 1 to 1 Consultancy

You will receive crucial help and advice on almost every area of the music industry including:

  • How to get signed to a record or publishing deal
  • How to get noticed by the music industry
  • Assembling the best possible demo package
  • Finding the right management and agents
  • Explaining any unknown areas of A&R
  • Guidance on production and song structure
  • Knowledge of song arrangement and mastering

These areas are taught specifically for record company and music publishing A&R personnel to further your career.

The consulting may be conducted in three different ways. Either through a one to one Skype or telephone call, through answering a set of questions via email or personally through a face-to-face meeting if this option is viable.

Consultancy starts from €120 (£99) per hour and clients in 2018/19 included Dug Degnin, Bunker Music, Eklectia, M2D Germany, Stefanie Rhein, Airman, SYT Cologne and BHMC,

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