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Richard Rogers

Richard has been a part of the music industry, in a wide variety of roles, for over thirty years; within A&R and songwriting for twenty-five years, and in production over fifteen. He has worked for record companies, publishers and corporations in A&R, consultancy, lecturing and management including Warner/Chappell, the BBC, PRS, IMN, Music2deal & IMP.

Corporate & Educational

B.B.C. (including Radio 2) (A&R Consultant)

Warner/Chappell Music (International A&R Manager)

Thames Valley University (London)(Lecturer On The Music Industry)

London Institute of Music (Module Co-Ordinator & Lecturer)

Independent Music Group (A&R Consultant)

International Masters Publishers (A&R Series Development) (UK Managing Director)

Silverscope Records Group (UK Founder)

Ncompass Music Publishing (A&R Director/Owner)

E.M.A.P. (Manager)

Princes Trust (Music Consultant)

P.R.S. (Freelance Researcher & Speaker)

Headstart & Bizboost (Chief Music Consultant)

Music Shuttle (the world's first A&R song evaluation service

Folkets Hus, Burea, Sweden, Music Complex Consultant (Owner, MD of A&R Based Song Licensing Platform


He has been employed in the music industry in various roles with and for acts including:

  • The Prodigy
  • Blondie
  • David Bowie
  • Depeche Mode
  • Yello
  • Hazel O’Connor
  • A-ha
  • R.E.M.
  • Bruce Springsteen Band
  • David Gray
  • Gary Numan
  • Phil Harding (Stock, Aitken Waterman)
  • Dubstar
  • Karel Fialka
  • Muse
  • Velvet Underground
  • Amy Studt
  • The Vibrators
  • Juliet Roberts
  • The Undertones
  • M featuring Robin Scott
  • Angel (original singer in Steps)
  • Rob Reynolds
  • Charles Cleyn

Career Highlights

Early 90’s – International A&R Manager at Warner/Chappell with 1st international number 1 success.

1996 – Founded Ncompass Records and Ncompass Music Publishing.

1997 - He released the world’s FIRST EVER downloadable album on the internet on his own Ncompass Records label before it’s actual physical CD release.

1998 - Received an award for the best album of the year for a Bill Pritchard album on his label.

2000 – Sold 4 million albums as A&R Series Developer of the Rock & Pop Collection for IMP Sweden.

2001 – Set up the Silverscope Music Group including a management arm.

2002 – Sold 35,000 albums in a bizarre twist as a lead vocalist!

2003 – Took up a position as a Lecturer at the Thames Valley University following on from lecturing and consultancy work at the London Institute of Music, Vocaltech, Drumtech and Basstech.

2004 – Set up publishing and record companies in both Russia (Creativity Music) and Italy.

2005 - Richard picked up an A&R award from the BBC for Outstanding A&R Contribution to the Corporation after a song he chose from 21,000 song entries won BBC Song Of The Year.

2007 – Agreed deal to manage one of world’s most famous bass players in Mick Karn, former bass player for Japan, Kate Bush, Phil Collins, Gary Numan, Midge Ure, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jeff Beck etc.

2009 – Set up Silverscope Music Industry Courses with initial emphasis of lecturing in UK & Malta.

2010 – Wrote a book on Eurovision titled ‘The Alternative Guide To Eurovision – A Parody’ which was published in the UK in June 2010 by London publisher Input/Output.

2012-15 – Worked in multimedia areas on Depeche Mode & Yello songs and songwriting for artists.

2016 - Released the new Racecar album on vinyl with Karel Fialka. Worked as producer and co-writer.

2018 - A new book 'Depeche Mode - Violator: The Ultimate A&R Guide was released via Glamour Puss Publishing.

2019 - A year of consultancy for Malta Music Export, Music2deal, Evershare Digital, Burea Folkets Hus venue in Sweden & former New Zealand  tennis champion Neil McAffer.

2020 - Launched, the worlds first A&R Based Song Licensing Platform. Writing the new Racecar album. Working with Malta Music Export.

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