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Dennis Conoley


Available as :  3 piece band.

Fee: Depending on set requirements and duration

Set length: Any duration up to 2 hours.

Style: Pop, Rock, Glam Rock

Sounds like: Steve Harley, T. Rex, Elton John

Comments: Can do an original set, a cover set or a combination.


Exceptional songwriter for artists such as Billie Ray Martin, Genetic, Loretta Heywood (Bomb The Bass), Juliet Roberts and Rev Up Nation. However Dennis was a star in his own right as an artist in the 70's under various aliases. Dennis was a good friend of Marc Bolan and Marc became Dennis's rhythm guitarist on various studio projects. Therefore Dennis is the only man who can say that Marc Bolan was the guitarist in his band, in fact in the early 70's Dennis appeared on the Marc Bolan Show. Dennis also worked at frequent intervals with Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel.

An Evening With Dennis Conoley is like dipping into a bygone era of the music world where Dennis performs some of the tracks he was involved with including tracks he wrote or played on with Marc Bolan, Steve Harley etc interspersed with anecdotes from those glorious times. Dennis is undoubtedly one of the very last links with T. Rex so this show is unique.

Email for prices and further information.

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